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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Carpets

 Carpets are available in a number of designs, textures, styles, and construction, and they are is a great choice to be used as floor coverings for both offices and homes. With proper care from a qualified carpet cleaning service provider they can last for many years! However, as with everything else, carpets have advantages and disadvantages.


  •  Carpets can maintain the temperature of a room. They can help bring down your electricity bill, as they act as very good insulators.
  •  It is nice to walk over a soft and warm carpet on a cold morning.
  •  Carpets provide good insulation, reducing the noise levels and echo effect.
  •  Carpets are available in various designs and colors, and they can make your residence or office cozy and welcoming. They add color and warmth, and can be a marvelous touch to your property’s decor. They also add class and style.


  •  Carpets attract dirt and dust, as well as germs and bugs.
  •  Good quality carpets are expensive and require regular care.
  •  Carpets can worsen the health condition of a household member with respiratory issues. If a family members suffers from asthma or any other respiratory condition, it is best to have your carpets and rugs cleaned by a qualified carpet cleaning serviceprovider.
  •  If you have pets, especially cats, having a carpet can turn into a nightmare. Pet urine is very hard to be cleaned properly and you can sense the smell for a long time.
  •  Ticks, pests and fleas can go from your pets to the carpet. This gives a chance to those annoying blighters to get into your clothes, hair, and furnishings.

 Carpets offer both advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to install carpets in your home, keep in mind their disadvantages so that you can dealt with them efficiently. If you have any questions or are interested in Executive Building Systems‘s professional carpet cleaning service in Houston, TX, be sure to call us right away!