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What Is a Commercial Cleaning Floor Buffer?

A floor buffer is a commercial cleaning machine which is designed to clean and protect the likes of marble, wood, and linoleum floors. It dislodges dirt and debris and leaves behind a glossy finish. This machine closely resembles a big upright vacuum cleaner and comes with soft brushes which rotate beneath it to buff floors.


The rotary brushes can be set to different speeds, all depending on the floor type in question. The buffer has a handle and controls which the operator uses. The controls will manage the direction and speed of the brushes when in use.


Floor buffers will be used in combination with a cleaning agent. The operator will normally spray the liquid cleanser on the floor before using the buffer on it. The cleaning agent helps loosen any dirt and grime on the floor, making it much easier to get a clean and glossy floor.

Industrial Models

Buffing floors in numerous settings do require various speeds and mobility, which means there are different sizes available. Commercial buffers usually bigger in order to cover more ground with every pass. Some commercial models can act as floor strippers too. Increasing the speed and the pressure of the rotary brushes will alter the buffer’s effects from just cleaning the surface to removing wax buildup and stains. These type of floor strippers and buffers are, however, somewhat expensive, but they are essential to maintaining floors in public or commercial buildings.

For residential use, smaller versions are available. Made to buff floors which receive the usual amount of foot traffic, they work at much lower speeds than their counterparts, and most will not have the stripping ability. Instead, they work with a cleaning agent to remove dirt and grime. A home buffer is cheaper than its commercial versionand is much smaller. Which means they are easier to use and can get into tight spaces, like bathrooms, or between furniture.

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