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Booking a Regular Janitorial Service Boosts the Productivity of Your Workers

 It is a little known fact that office desks are found out to be 400 times more dirty than a toilet seat, with the dirtiest part being the phone. Since bacteria can increase more than 30% faster on surfaces which are not regularly cleaned, we highly recommend you to book a commercial cleaning or janitorial service on a regular basis if you want your employees to work in a clean and healthy environment.

 Several surveys have officially proven that workers who have to perform their duties in a poorly cleaned and maintained office environment do less work than the ones which are working in a nice clean office with plenty of light and fresh air. If you want to take maximum advantage of your employees’ working abilities, we strongly recommend you to book a janitor to clean your office at least twice a week. You may not believe it at first but if you keep your office well maintained clean for a month, and supervise the amount of work done by your employees, you will immediately notice a great difference worth paying for!

 If your office stays clean and bacteria-free, your employees will stay healthy and you will not have to worry about paying sick leaves to people who are not actually doing quality work because they are not feeling well. This is another benefit of booking a regular janitorial service.

 There are, of course, many other benefits that booking a commercial cleaning service has. In order to experience them first hand, you may contact the cleaning company Executive Building Systems at (281) 408-2923. Book a single service with our team based in Houston, TX, and we will show you what true professionalism is all about! all our labor is guaranteed and the products which our team of janitors use are environmentally-friendly.