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The Cleaning Methods of Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

 Today, we are going to introduce a few pieces of carpet cleaning equipment that you may like to utilize in your regular home cleaning. Read this post to its very end if you are interested to learn more about their prices and functions.

 Here is everything that you need to know about providing a quality carpet cleaning service:

There are some really good reasons to give your carpeting a good cleaning every now and then. Here are just a few things that may be “crawling” underneath your feet: moth larvae, dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, food particles, and cigarette carcinogens.

You can choose between a wide variety of professional vacuum cleaners for the perfect carpet cleaning service. We have listed some of them along with a short characteristic and an approximate price:

  • – DUAL POWER HOOVER. This is a lightweight cleaner (13.2 pounds) which is fast enough to clean everyday spills and can be purchased for about $130.
  • – POWER PATH DELUXE CARPET WASHER. This is convenient and incredibly versatile: it comes standard with a tool pack for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and everywhere in between. It weights between 13 and 14 pounds and costs about $140-$150.
  • – STEAMVAC CARPET WASHER WITH CLEAN SURGE. These “babies” weigh about 20 pounds and have a three-speed brush control that can help you clean everything from stubborn stains to recent spills, with a fingertip control to add extra detergent when you need it. Such cleaning equipment costs an average of $155-$165.
  • – POWER SCRUB DELUXE. It costs about $200 or more but weighs less than the steamvac carpet washer and is more powerful. This is one of the best all -in-one cleaner for both carpeting and above floor.
  • – MAX EXTRACT MULTI-SURFACE PRO CARPET & HARD FLOOR DEEP CLEANER. This is a top of the line specialty Hoover which weights between 22 and 23 pounds and can cost up to $300. It can do auto rinse and pressurized cleaning. This means that your carpets may get cleaned faster and dry faster after the water extraction.

 Of course some carpet cleaning service providers have even more powerful machines. Some even have truck-mounted steam cleaners which are ideal for single-storey big family homes. If you are located in Houston, TX and are looking for such type of cleaning service, do not hesitate to contact Executive Building Systems. we also do emergency after-party cleaning. Just dial our hotline (281) 408-2923, and we will help you make your carpets and rugs spotless again!