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The Difference between a Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaner and an Over-the-Counter Steam Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning dirty carpets, we all rely on vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning. These methods may help keep your carpets clean, but they won’t guarantee that the carpets are safe. In our previous blog article, we talked about the health risks a dirty carpet can pose. We made it pretty clear that hiring a professional carpet cleaning service provider is the only way to ensure the safety of your carpets and the health of your employees. All this is possible because of the equipment they use. Now, the question you may ask is: “Why can’t I buy the equipment myself and have my employees do the cleaning?”

Carpet Cleaning Services at affordable prices!First of all, professional steam cleaners are very expensive. Your company may afford the investment, but it will take decades until you see any actual return on this investment. Furthermore, these machines are pretty big. They are installed on specially designed trucks. So, besides the big investment, you may also have to find a place for storing this machine. Finally, operating this machine requires training and knowledge. Professional carpet cleaning service providers usually have a person that is trained in operating the steam cleaning equipment.

The bottom line is that buying the carpet cleaning equipment is not an economical decision. If you want to cut on costs and still get your carpet professionally cleaned, contact Executive Building Systems at (281) 408-2923. Our company is located in Houston, TX.