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Differences between cleaning agencies and janitors.

Cleaning services and janitors are similar in the types of duties they perform, but there are some differences between them, which you might want to know about before hiring such a service. Deciding between a cleaning agency and a janitorial service may be a decision that saves you money.

A janitorial service is usually dedicated to a single building or office complex, whereas cleaning services are hired by individual companies within that complex. A janitor will be often hired by the management company of the office building, for taking care of common areas such as common bathrooms, lobby areas and other spaces which are shared by all of the companies in the building. A cleaning agency, however, will only take care of your specific office space or retail area.

Janitors are also put on staff and are subject to needing health benefits, regular hours, and costly benefits such as unemployment. A cleaning agency employes its own people, and you pay a flat fee to have them clean predetermined areas at a predetermined interval. If your needs are limited to just cleaning once or twice a week, a cleaning agency is a better choice, because the total time involved might be an hour or two every week, and a janitor will not be able to make a living doing that, so the job will not get filled easily.

Another difference between a janitorial service and a cleaning agency may be the type of work that they perform. Janitorial services typically handle specific large cleaning tasks like washing windows, mopping floors or emptying trash cans. When a cleaning agency will handle any type of cleaning you have agreed with them. They can be trusted to clean things from kitchens, bathrooms, to an individual cubicle. A cleaning agency can also do the job during your off hours so that you are free to pursue your business without interruption during working hours.

So with knowing the differences between cleaning agencies and janitors you can now choose the one that fits best to your needs. To make your decision easier, Executive Building Systems from Houston, TX provides both cleaning service and janitorial service. All you have to do is give them a call at (281) 408-2923 and explain your situation. They will decide which service best fits your needs and will perform it with professionalism.