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More Information About Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Executive Building Systems is a professional janitorial company that offers full-service cleaning solutions. We are fully licensed, and you can get to know us better, on our About Us page. Check out our Homepage too for more information on everything we do. On this page, we will talk more about our carpet cleaning services and the methods we use.

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Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services

There is no general rule about how often you should clean your carpet. The time interval may vary between 8 and 18 months, depending on the foot traffic it endures, if there any pets in the house, how well you maintain it without professional help, and many other factors. We are the professional janitorial company that also specializes in carpet cleaning. We use different methods depending on the budget you are willing to spend and the type of fabric it is made of. Our dry powder method is one of the most preferred services. Keep reading this page to see why.

Dry Powder Cleaning

The dry powder method is preferred for many reasons - it is cost-effective, it takes around 20-minutes before the carpet completely dries, it’s simply efficient. The powder is mixed with special solvent and cleaning products, and it is spread all over the carpet. The mix works its way out to efficiently clean the fibers by absorbing the soil. After the procedure, we let the carpet for about 10 minutes and vacuum the carpet up.

Browse the rest of this website’s Homepage if you prefer a different method or see what else we offer. After we are a full-service janitorial company, you may also contact us for a full home or office cleaning. We are based in Houston, TX, and if you live in or around this area, feel free to contact Executive Building Systems right away. Call us at (281) 408-2923 for estimates, appointments, or just ask us any other questions over the phone.