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What Is the "External Extraction" Method?

Based in Houston, TX, Executive Building Systems is a reputable cleaning company that utilizes the “External Extraction” method. We have substantial experience in this field, and we specialize in using a variety of methods for the needs of our customers. The “External Extraction” is one of those carpet cleaning methods that allow for one of the most timely, reliable, and efficient cleaning.

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How It Works?

We use the “External Extraction” method by applying our own solution of tested high-quality cleaning products that allow for the exceptional cleaning of your carpets. With the addition of water, it guarantees impeccable results, and the cleaning mixture is immediately extracted back thanks to the high air velocity that we owe to the truck-mounted equipment.

With “External Extraction” we remove more than 95% of the cleaning solution, dust, dirt, and water from your carpets. This dramatically reduces the drying period and leaves no soap in the fabric. In addition, your carpets are not subjected to harsh scrubbing, which is why this is one of the most reliable carpet cleaning methods.

We work with a crew of experts who know how to use the “External Extraction” method and will make sure you receive the reliable and timely services we are renowned for. We are fully licensed and our rates are competitive. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed, regardless of the size or nature of the job. Make sure you are hiring reputable cleaners, and turn to us!

If you are based in Houston, TX, Executive Building Systems is the ideal choice for all your cleaning needs. Our top priority is to make each client happy with the results of our work, and that makes us the first choice for many. We hope to hear from you as well and await your calls. Contact us at (281) 408-2923 to schedule an appointment for an outstanding service!