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Get the most from your office cleaning service.

The cleaner will be able to work more effectively with the office free of people. Make the schedule in a way that the worker can do its job without being disturbed or disturbing nobody.

Even though it is a relief knowing someone will take care of your office’s regular cleaning chores, keeping bad habits at the work place will lead to a bad cleaning service. The biggest problem is falling into the trap of “leaving everything to the cleaners”. More work for them, means less quality for you. Follow these steps to improve the cleaning service in the office.

Agree on a cleaning schedule. Get in sync with your cleaning company by setting up daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Take time to write specific details about each task that has to be performed. Make sure the cleaning service is done exactly as specified.

It’s tempting to leave week’s worth of coffee mugs in the sink for your cleaner to clean, but is better if the cleaner uses this time scrubbing the sink and the tables.

Introduce a clean desk policy. Instruct your employees to safety lock up valuable client files and organize their papers into file folders. This way, the cleaner can do a proper job, ensuring that your furniture is cleaned and properly maintained. Also, pay attention to the cleaning company you hire. They have to be very reliable in order for you to trust them leaving access to important documents. In Houston TX there is only one company that can ensure full privacy of your valuable information. Executive Building Systems has gained experience and reputation for the last ten years, so you can definitely rely on them.

Recycle bins. Make sure your employees are placing the trash in properly recycle bins. This can make you save money, as some companies charge less for recycling.

For best cleaning services and most reliable company in Houston TX, contact Executive Building Systems. From moping, dusting, kitchen and bathroom cleaning to floor shampooing, washing windows, polishing wall trim and doorknobs they offer the proper cleaning service for your needs.

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