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Do You Know That the Cleaning Chemicals You Are Using Are Damaging Your Health?

Your responsibilities towards home cleaning are not only limited to booking the cleaning service provider that has been recommended to you. It will take a bit more effort from you to provide a safe cleaning solution for your house or apartment. When hiring a professional, make sure to find out the kind of cleaning chemicals your cleaning team will use. If they are not green, you’d better provide them yourself or look for another contractor who will offer you more environmentally-friendly detergents!

Here are some of the chemicals which may be damaging to the health of your family:

  • There are more than 150 toxic cleaning substances that can be used to sanitize a home. About ? of all calls to poison control centers in the US are related to bleach poisoning, so this is one of the most dangerous ingredients in most of the home cleaning products.
  • Less than 20% of chemical cleaning products have been tested for health effects and less than 1% – for chronic damage on health.
  • Cleaning staff who work with commonly available toxic cleaning detergents have 55% higher risk of developing cancer than women who work outside the industry.

Natural cleaning products keep the air in your home clear by not using synthetic fragrances. Although they may not have such a great smell, the cleaning effects organic detergents provide are the same, so you’d better turn to a cleaning service specialist in Houston, TX who is offering green cleaning only!

If you have already heard about Executive Building Systems, you probably know that we are one of the local contractors offering top quality janitorial and regular cleaning without utilizing any bleach or hazardous chemicals. In order to book a cleaning service with us, we recommend you to contact our local office at (281) 408-2923. We guarantee quality workmanship combined with green cleaning products to ensure your family’s safety!