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Make Money from Cleaning

When you enter an office, you expect it to be clean and tidy. Your first impression of this business will depend on its level of hygiene. For most business owners, hiring a reputable commercial janitorial service is a must. Here, we will look at the steps you should take to start and run a successful commercial cleaning business.


The first thing you should do is create a solid business plan. This is a means to deciding whether you will clean large or small buildings, whether you will keep your business small or you will hire assistants. You will have to build your own strategy and blueprint for success. That includes where to look for potential customers, how to advertise your services, and how to achieve your final goal – complete satisfaction. As part of your plan is creating a budget for all your expenses – tools, equipment, more cleaners, vehicle, licenses and permits.


Next step is to pick a suitable business name. When deciding on a name for your company, it is a good idea to include the services you will offer, such as “John’s Commercial Cleaning”. The name must be easy to remember, and you need to make sure it is not already used by a competitor in your area.


This is a very important step. In order to become a reputable cleaning company in your area, you will have to get your business license and a bank account. You will need to contact the relevant authorities to request a license so you will be allowed to perform commercial janitorial services in your state.


Last but not least is making a decision about your rates. There is not magical formula to do that. But you will have to decide what profit you will want to get make from your business. You will have to determine your hourly rates and your working time. Consider the fact that you will have a lot of expenses. After you figure out your hourly rates, you will have to figure how many hours you will need to complete a cleaning job.

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