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Why Would You Need a Professional Cleaning Service after Your Halloween Party is Over?

If you have never organized a Halloween party at your home before, you probably know very little about the after-party mess that you will have to clean. If you have already done that, you probably have the contact details of an emergency home cleaning service provider at hand. No other party mess can be compared to the Halloween mess, especially when kids are involved.

The sight of your home’s interior after a Halloween party will be much scarier than the costumes of your guests the previous night. Here are some of the most common stains that you may have to remove, as well as some tips to deal with them:

  • Chocolate and candy. Sticky sweets may seem hard to remove at first but if you mix any neutral cleaning detergent with some warm water and invest 5-10 minutes in scrubbing each stain, you will see that cleaning is easier than you thought. Melted candy can be scraped off, and the stain can be cleaned with white vinegar.
  • Leftover gunk from your jack-‘o-lantern. You will need a team of cleaners to help you with this task. If your family members are hiding, call a local cleaning service provider for an hour of help, and everything will be spotless again.
  • Chewing gum on clothing or upholstery fabrics. You can use ice to remove it. Just place a small block of it over the stain until it hardens and scrape it off afterwards.
  • Sparkling and glittering particles that have fallen from the costumes of your guests. Deep vacuuming is the first step that you may make. If it does not help you accomplish the cleaning result that you want, you may roll some Play-Doh over the mess for better results.

Of course, these are just  few of the cleaning obstacles that you may face. For more tips on after-party cleaning, contact our emergency service team at (281) 408-2923. We can provide you with advice over the phone or send one of our cleaners on-site to help you perform the cleaning service that you need. Executive Building Systems of Houston, TX is at your service anytime you need us!