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Need a Special Type of Carpet Cleaner for Your Carpets?

Some carpet cleaning service companies uses vapour steam cleaning, also referred to as steam cleaning, this method will disinfect and loosen dirt on nearly any surface. The machine resembles a standard vacuum although it does not use suction but water to clean. This water can be heated to high temperatures, which then turns to steam.

This method they say originated in Italy and was loosely designed, believe it or not, on espresso machines. With the help of an internal boiler, water is heated to temperatures of 150° to 300°F, all depending on the model of the machine. The advantage of vapour steam cleaning is it can use tap water, and no strong cleaners or chemicals. This allows it to be environmentally friendly and safe for people who are sensitive to chemicals. With its ability to kill allergens from surfaces, it is strongly recommended for people suffering from allergies.

Reputable carpet cleaning service provider The dry steam that is comes out has a low moisture level, approximately 6% water. The very hot steam will kill all dust mites, mold, viruses and fungi immediately and then start to evaporate immediately on contact with the surface. The surface will be dry in approximately 15 minutes, well before mold can start to take hold. With standard steam cleaners, upholstery and carpets can end up soaking wet, this creates a breeding ground for mold and fungus that the home owner wanted to kill in the beginning.

Any carpet cleaning service that uses steam to clean upholstery or carpet, should advise home owners to follow up with a good vacuuming, this will suck up any residue dirt that was been loosened from the fibers. For this reason alone, it makes vacuuming more effective.

However, this type of cleaning does more than just clean carpets and upholster, it can be used on any surface, such as grouting, tiling, windows, stuffed toys, and vehicle interiors.

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