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Not Sure If You Want to Waste Your Money on a Cleaning Service?

Janitors are people who do the cleaning in businesses and public buildings. One could work for a janitorial service or for a private company. Cleaning the SofaWhile the job does not require any higher education, it is not unusual to find people within the janitorial profession that have some college experience.

The responsibilities of a janitor involve routine cleaning jobs such as removing trash from waste cans, vacuuming, sweeping floors, and keeping the building in an orderly fashion. In some cases, this person may handle climate control with the building also. This could include keeping a furnace in running order, handling the thermostats or keeping boiler systems running. Some even troubleshoot plumbing issues, maintaining hot and cold running water, repairing or replacing leaky pipes and faucets, and replacing sinks and toilets when required.

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