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How To Remove Stains Like A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

Regardless of what caused the problem, the first step in getting rid of stains from carpet is to blot up as much possible immediately. The next is to treat the stain with a cleaner that is made for the specific carpet and the substance making the stain. vacuumingWater and detergent will remove some stains, although cleansers such as vinegar, ammonia or a shop bought product may work.

Some carpets are made from natural fibres, like wool, or synthetics, like olefin. Not every cleaning solutions are considered safe to use on these fibres, for instance ammonia should never be used on wool carpets. Should you know what type of carpet you have, check on the manufacturer’s website to see what cleaners should not be used. Should you not know, test the cleanser on a small piece of the carpet first. Most carpets are made so they are stain resistant, so spills can be cleaned easily. However, for tough or large stains, or should you be worried about damaging your carpet, contact a professional carpet cleaning service.

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