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A Few Stain Types That Will Require a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

When carpets become stained, the first action of any carpet owner is to grab a few cleaning products and try to scrub off any spots. However, there are stains that can be so resilient that the common cleaning materials won’t do you much good. The only way to return your carpet back to its original state is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service. In order to save some of your time, Executive Building Systems has prepared a few types of stains that will require professional assistance. After all, you don’t have to try cleaning a carpet if the spot is not going to come off, right?

Grease and Oil Stains

You can step in an oil stain outside and when you come back home, you can easily stain your carpet. Grease and oil stains are very hard to clean because their structure and viscosity allows for it to remain in the turf of the carpet and elude the effect of commercial cleaning products. The only way to remove them is with a special carpet cleaning compound and a special steaming equipment that will reach deep in the carpet itself.


Rust stains do not appear on a carpet, but if the carpet is near a rust spot, it can easily get stained by it. The corrosive qualities of rust act as a dye to the strands of the carpet, which can stain any carpet almost permanently. Cleaning it with water will only make matters worse. If your carpet is stained by rust, you better find a professional cleaning service.


If the carpet is near a source of water or it has been exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time, it will develop mold which will stain it heavily. Many people report that they tried to clean it out completely; however, only after a few days, the mold reappeared. Using professional methods, an expert will be able to completely remove the bacteria that multiplies and creates mold.

The stains listed above are just a few of the many that require a special treatment. Remember that sometimes, it is better to call a professional first, rather than trying to do any cleaning yourself because tough stains can be easily spread in a larger area. Our Houston, TX office has a lot of information regarding carpet cleaning matters. If you are interested in finding out more, contact us today!

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