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How to Stop Office Clutter

It’s known that employees always have a hard time keeping their desks tidy and clean. However, when personal items, scattered paper and stacks of books consume a desk, not only it looks bad, but also makes dust accumulate easier. Since these items are rarely moved around, the desk starts gathering dust and contributes to an overall unhealthy working environment.

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Unfortunately, this is a major concern in cubicle settlements.

Most businesses nowadays have a janitorial service provider who is in charge with the cleanliness of their commercial building. However, since the janitor has so many other things to do, including mopping floors, washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning eating areas and bathrooms, they don’t always have time for a proper desk cleaning. Furthermore, in most cases, there is only one janitor cleaning after a number of employees. Cleaning the desk of each of them is a time consuming job. So, the other alternative is to implement a few rules in your company regarding cluttered desks.

Reward the Employee with the Cleanest Desk. When we say rules, we don’t mean things that you should imply to your employees. You can make them clean their desks without having to actually set a rule about it. One way is to use rewards instead. For instance, consider offering awards to the employee with the cleanest desk. Do this on a random basis to create a pattern and you will be amazed with the results.

Set a Precedent for Employees. It’s very important to educate your employees and let them know that a clean working environment can be achieved only if they choose to contribute. You can do this easily with the new employees of your company. Once you set a standard, it’s just a matter of time until it becomes part of the culture in your company.

The goal is to ensure a clean and neat working environment for your employees. However, this won’t exclude the need for a reputable janitorial service provider. If you need one in Houston, TX, then contact Executive Building Systems. We have many years of experience, and numerous satisfied clients. Our number is (281) 408-2923.