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Which Type of Carpet Cleaning Service Will Provide You With Better Results

Most companies providing a professional carpet cleaning service in Houston, TX offer two types of cleaning dry and steam. To get the differences between these methods and understand better when the right time to book each of them is, we advise you to read this post to its very end. It will help you make the right choice the next time when you are searching for an expert cleaning service.

Steam Carpet Cleaning
This method is so far more popular than the dry cleaning. Removing stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens with the help of the hot water extraction method is possible by using both a portable powerful steam cleaning machine or a traditional truck-mounted cleaning installation. The type of equipment that your cleaners will work with when performing steam cleaning will depend mostly on the floor you are located at (truck mounted machines are good only for single or double floor homes) and the availability of each of these machines for the date you need the cleaning service to be done.

The main advantage of the hot water extraction cleaning method is that you may not have to use any detergents because detergent residues can remain in the fibers of your carpets and later attract dirt faster. This carpet cleaning service also has a major disadvantage and that is the moisture which cannot be fully extracted after the cleaning is done. This means that you won’t be able to walk over your carpets immediately after the cleaners are gone. At least a few hours will be needed for the carpets to be completely dry.

Dy Carpet Cleaning
Dry cleaning should be used for carpets made of natural fabrics because if they are cleaned with water, they stand high chances of shrinking. The advantage is that low-moisture professional cleaning systems operate very quickly, and you will not need more than 30 min to an hour for a service to be done. It has one disadvantage, and that is that heavily soiled areas require the application of manual spotting or of pre-conditioners and pretreatments before the actual dry cleaning.

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