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Searching for the best office cleaning company is not a easy task. Suiting everyones needs within the office along with their schedules is difficult enough. There are many service providers out there, choosing the right one for you is not that easy. Here are several tips to help you.

  • Young woman cleaning kitchen1. Find out what exactly your office needs. Calculate how many times per week you want the office cleaned, and if the office cleaning company can meet that requirement. Price is always a factor, so find out what the costs will entail.
  • 2. Environmentally friendly cleaning methods are certainly beneficial, when searching for a cleaning company. Chemically based cleaning solutions can be detrimental to the staff as well as the environment.
  • 3. Making sure the office cleaning staff are trust worthy, as some of the offices they enter may have valuable, or sensitive documents inside.
  • 4. Always reference check every service provider you are thinking of using.
  • 5. Get everything in writing.

Always check to see how long the provider has been in business, also, enquire to see if their employees are bonded and background checks have been done for any criminal record.

Once you have decided upon a office cleaning provider, talk to them about what materials may be needed. Most reputable companies come with their own materials and tools, necessary to make your office spotless. However, there are a few company’s that expect the client to provide everything, as they only supply the labour.

Always make it clear to your service provider exactly what you want cleaned. If you have extras that you need cleaning make sure to inform your service provider well in advance. This stops any confusion later on down the line.

A very important question to ask, is if your provider holds any accident insurance. Today is the age of people being quick to sue, should anything go wrong. Insurance will ensure both parties are protected and this will keep all involved happy.

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