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Keeping a workplace or home clean is necessary to having a healthier life.However, traditional cleaners don’t come cheap. Currently green products available require further investigation. What makes a product green? Are they as effective as traditional cleaning materials?

What exactly is a Green Cleaning Product?

The need for reduction of chemicals on humans, and animal health is the driving force in defining a green product. Most janitorial services don’t offer such items to their customers.

The Environmental Protection Agency developed a label to identify such products, that meets a higher standard. With this approved product, all ingredients has been investigated, making them safe for human and the environment. Also, all ingredients in these products must help to the overall function of the product, chemicals are not allowed. A verified product will be stamped with the DfE label.

Other things that define a green product include, reduction of waste, reduction on the soil and water impact, and a decrease in the effect on air quality.

Green Against The More Traditional Method

  • 1. Some traditional products contain ingredients that have a negative impact on people’s health. Skin, lungs, and brain can all be affected by chemicals that are on the market.
  • 2. Some ingredients put into everyday products are a total mystery. Companies add chemicals because they enhance the performance of the product, but in the long-term, the effects that they may produce are not known.
  • 3. Green products have a tendancy to be more expensive than the every that ones. However, people are demanding more and more a safter method to cleaning their home and workplace.

Some green products do require more elbow grease, to achieve the same results as using the more traditional method. This is where the janitorial service will come to your rescue.

Will It Be Effective

Cleaning products have a huge responsibility in keeping people safe from health hazards, so it is always important to enquire if using green products will be just as effective as the traditional ones.

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